Metro Architectural Series

Metro Hardwoods has created an Architectural Series of lumber products. Designed to pull the highest quality grades of lumber, individualized for the unique character of each species, to assist architects with design specification. All species are FSC Certified and Regional is an option for Midwest projects.

Metro Hardwoods, a company of Midwest Hardwood Corporation was one of the first in North America to receive Forest Stewardship Council Chain-of-Custody (FSC COC) certification (SW-COC-00008) and to offer FSC Certified Products to end-users. With the multi-site certificate, Midwest Hardwood production facilities and Metro Hardwoods distribution centers offer a vast number of FSC Certified products.

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification ensures the trees come from sustainably harvested forests; FSC standards also promote socially acceptable, environmentally conscious and economically viable forest management. Certification provides a credible link from certified forests to our customers. FSC products may also contribute to LEED® MR 7 Certified Wood.