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Hardwood Lumber

Metro Hardwoods carries a full line of domestic and imported hardwoods in the most desired thicknesses and grades.  With an inventory of over 800,000BF, Metro Hardwoods has by far the largest lumber inventory in the Twin-Cities metro area.


Metro Hardwoods carries a complete line of interior mouldings in Alder, Yellow Birch, Red Oak, Hard Maple, and Yellow Poplar.  The on-hand inventory of over 100,000 LF in 5 different patterns should meet the immediate needs of those looking for standard stocking patterns.


The expansive plywood inventory carried by Metro Hardwoods meets the needs of even the most specialized cabinet or fixture manufacturer. We carry Over ½ million square feet of hardwood plywood in stock.


Metro Hardwoods carries a complete line of face veneers and edge banding veneers.  The line of veneers at Metro Hardwoods includes domestic and imported species.


Metro Hardwoods is committed to delivering Thermally Fused Melamine panel products that outperform the competition quality and service.


Medium Density Fiberboard is a complex product. Dozens of diverse applications require many types of MDF. Metro Hardwoods stock Ultra Refined for shaping and painting, premium panels for laminating and a variety of specialty MDF panels.


Metro Hardwoods is the leader in particleboard for every application. We have deep inventory in the commodity sizes and a tremendous selection of sizes and types of particleboard.

Lightweight Panels

Think Lightweight is an innovative product that’s goal is to replace heavier, harder wood material products with lightweight, more adaptable, and stronger hollowcore panel solutions.


Power tools for professionals including tracksaws, sanders, HEPA dust extractors, woodworking routers, jigsaws, joiners, miter saws, planers, router tables and more.